Creating a Sustainable Society by Utilizing the Benefits of Nature

In recent years, the domestic agricultural situation has faced a variety of challenges, including the aging of farmers, a shortage of farmers, agricultural chemicals, and soil pollution. We believe that agriculture in the future will no longer be a family business, but an age in which people will have to compete on their brains. "brain work" changed to "Agriculture". We want to promote the agriculture industry in a way that is possible because we are a venture company.

After repeated trial and error, I came up with the wood ear mushroom. Amid growing calls for food self-sufficiency and safety, we focused on the fact that 95% of the jellyfish market in Japan is imported from China. In September 2015, we began cultivating jellyfish grown in Nara Prefecture using a completely domestically-produced pesticide-free method.

In the future, we will work on a mass production system for wood ear mushrooms, focusing on the safety and stable supply of food, effective use of land, asset management, creation of jobs for the disabled, the elderly, and young people, and regional revitalization.


Taking on the challenge of becoming the best cloud ear in Japan, aiming to innovate agriculture!

"Asuka cloud ear mushrooms" is the name of the cloud ear mushroom produced by Asuka Green Farm Co., Ltd. It is a common cloud ear mushroom in Chinese cuisine, but it is not often seen on the dining table except in some regions. Some people think it is seaweed, but cloud ear mushroom is a very nutritious and delicious mushroom.

In these days when the importance of healthy life expectancy is stressed, I would like more people to know the high nutritional value and deliciousness of cloud ear mushroom. With this in mind, we began cultivating high quality wood ear mushrooms that are pesticide-free.

In addition, "Asuka cloud ear mushrooms" uses all domestic ingredients from bacteria to sawdust as the culture medium. It is completely pesticide-free cultivation in Japan for safety and security. We have also succeeded in cultivating albino jellyfish (white wood ear mushrooms), which is extremely rare in the world, and are producing them consistently throughout the year.

About KKLC

KKLC coins are issued as security tokens (ST).
*guarantee of reliability

Only projects that have passed rigorous screening by national regulators, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), will be made public.
*KKLC coin holders can co-own "Jew's ear fungus and cultivation system"

->By increasing the number of wood ear production businesses, we can expect the value of KKLC coins to increase.
->By investing in the "production business" itself, part of the earnings from the business will be returned to the parent company.

Read our white paper here.

Advantages for KKLC holders

1. You can purchase cloud ear mushrooms at a discount from regular purchase.
(KKLC settlement limited special price!!)
2. KKLC holders can purchase many special items!
(Other than Asuka wood ear mushrooms, Yamato vegetables are also available at a discount price.)
3. KKLC owners can preferentially purchase items that are in short supply!
4. If you purchase on a regular flight, you can get a free gift every month!
(Mail order only/Internet application only.)
5. Depending on the amount of KKLC you have, you can receive bonus coins other than at the time of return!
(2 times a year <June and December>/The amount of bonus coins changes depending on the sales situation.)
6. You can easily pay by attaching the cloud ear wallet!
7. KKLC owners can pay for accommodation and free transportation when visiting the farm!
(Until Our Company accommodation is completed, we will guide you to the nearest hotel.).
The pick up and drop off place is either "Gojo Station", "Fukujin Station" or "Hashimoto Station". )

We plan to improve the contents of the service more and more in the future!
Actual services using KKLC and assignment to KKLC owners will be released timely after 2020 2Q.

Asuka Green Farm Inc.

1/F Number 25 Lane 7 Sheung
Tsuen Sheung Shui Wai Sheung
Shui NT, Hong Kong
Hitoaki Yamamoto
Chief Executive Officer
Awaken contributions to local communities through the development of beauty products. After working on the development of raw materials, he entered the farming field, where he met Auricularia auratus.
Kento Sai

Chief Cultivation Technologist

The person in charge of cultivation techniques and dedicates his life to agriculture in Nara.

Kazuyoshi Ogawa

Chief Agricultural-House Designer

The person in charge of the design of an agricultural house that makes use of his knowledge as an architect.

Yoichi Ohnishi

Chief Agricultural-House Technologist

The person in charge of agricultural house technology, making use of his knowledge as a carpenter to build an agricultural house.